February 4, 2018

Week 2 | Mind on my money and my money on my mind

Here’s how I know I’ve been thinking about my thesis quite a bit this week in the form of photos I took throughout my week.

library library library

In this last week, I continued acting as a “human foriegn exchange” soliciting from my peers (who are quite international) if they had foreign currencies. It’s amazing the level of trust and support everyone has provided as I explore this topic. They’re quite literally just giving me free money. I’ve filed away a few ideas on how I’ll repay them all back, but I’ll save that for another time. What’s great about this research method too is I get to workshop my thesis theme/idea/concept. While I haven’t quite decided the final form this will take, it’s the journey that I hope to really capture in all of this.

In my thesis journal exercise, I wrote the following about who my intended audience is for thesis:

The current crypto market, artists, scammers, and speculators, designers are the people I’d like to target. I’m very much driven by taking an anthropological approach to seeing the world and making connections rarely seen. For all the people I mentioned in my previous sentence, I think ‘copy’ is a common word across them all. A crypto market is looking to copy a world it once claimed it tried to get rid of — wall street. Artists often always train as an ‘apprentice’ and copies work from one person to create their own brand/identity. Scammers are expert copiers who will try to sell a ‘fake’ as ‘real’. And speculators hope to create enough commotion that their gospel is copied and spread like a virus.

I’ll admit the prose is purposely poetic, because I’ve thought about assuming the identiy of a ‘scam artist’ for my thesis. And in order to playfully take on this identity I’ve done the following:

I think 14 weeks will be enough to barely scratch the surface. The topic of crypto currencies is constantly changing daily while curriencies have always changed. So far I haven’t quite settled on a writing discipline for this, but I’ll do that more as things settle down.

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